Cafe interiors designer

Cafes need to have a welcoming environment and we understand that fully. As experienced designers, our aim is to create warm and friendly environments where people can come and have a great time. With this aim in mind, we have worked on more than 1000 projects. If you have any interior designer café needs, do reach out to us

All types of people come into a café. While a target audience is there, unlike restaurants, cafes don’t offer a single ambience. People are free to do what they want. A café accommodates every age group and creates an atmosphere for both reading and partying. This is where a café interiors designer is valuable as that defines how people react to the café.

We work on the interior concepts and on the following things:

  • Table design
  • Chair design
  • Colours
  • Music
  • Lighting

All of the above factors give your café personality that dictates how people spend time in your space. The end goal of a café should be to minimize costs and maximize profits and this is totally dependent on the customer. When it comes to cafes, there should be more emphasis on a great experience rather than just having good coffee. Here is where we come in as great café interior design offers the great experience customers are looking for.

It all depends on the design

Do you want your customers to have a quick meal or do you want them to spend some time in your café? It all depends on the design you opt for. Your design choices impact the table turnover time. It all depends on factors like the furniture you install, the music you play, the colours you use and the lights you install. Another factor is how your café smells.

Why us

As experienced café interiors designer in Melbourne, Toorak and South Yarra, we know that sofas, pastel colours, relaxing music and wooden furniture are what invite people in. This is the type of design most cafes lean towards. And this is what we work on, according to your choices and preferences.

No matter what the type of café, interior design is essential. Cafes are all about satisfying customers and how your customer feels in your establishment is crucial.

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