We’re experienced, innovative and collaborative, delivering striking designs that turn heads.

Ottofirm are not your average retail designers.


Our unwavering commitment to quality has seen us create superior retail experiences across the retail, corporate and hospitality sectors.


Led by managing director Aaron Yong, Ottofirm has worked with some of the Asia-Pacific region’s best-known brands.


We offer a full suite of interior design services, including conceptual design, design development, documentation and contract administration.


We take the time to understand each client’s vision and partner with them to deliver it – resulting in an unrivalled experience for customers, staff and visitors.


Our tailored project management service means each client is supported throughout the design and construction journey – ensuring it runs smoothly right through to opening day.


Thanks to our insight and creative thinking, we have earned the trust and appreciation of the many clients we’ve helped.


Our creative and insightful team is dedicated to achieving spectacular results on every project.

No exceptions.

They say a winning team is greater than the sum of its parts, and Ottofirm is proof of that.

Our team is made up of highly accomplished individuals with well-honed specialist skills – and combined, we achieve big things.

Aaron Yong - Principal, M. Arch.

With over a decade of architectural and retail design experience, Aaron has a deep understanding of what it takes to design and construct awe-inspiring retail spaces.

Aaron is the team’s ‘quarterback’, skilfully bringing together the work of designers, engineers, builders and tradespeople with one clear goal: achieving a high-performance space that fosters collaboration, creativity and effectiveness.

With Aaron at the helm, Ottofirm continues to create impressive designs that leave clients delighted and their customers enchanted.

Hau Meng, Tan | Associate, M. Arch.

Meng joined Ottofirm in 2015, and is our resident specialist in architectural and healthcare design projects.

With more than 10 years’ experience, Meng is a firm believer in evidence-based design, especially when it comes to healthcare.

His specialist expertise includes master planning, conceptual design, design development and contract management.

Linda Lam | B. IntArch.

Since joining the team in 2018, Linda has worked under the guidance of Aaron and Meng, learning invaluable skills and becoming an expert in her own right.

Linda loves to think outside the box, challenging the norm and designing unique spaces that balance curiosity and practicality.

Linda appreciates originality in design and enjoys playing with different material choices and combinations.

Head-turning designs.
Exceptional customer experiences.

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