Retail Architecture

We have built over 5000 retail stores for our clients. We know retail architecture and how to create a great shopping experience. By offering design, construction & installation under one roof, we guarantee the smooth execution of each and every project.

The way in which we consume and experience brands have changed in today’s times. The shift to the digital realm and e-commerce is making brands rethink how to present products in conventional stores. More and more clients are exploring new concepts for retail spaces, searching for new ways to offer their customers an emotional experience. Retail design construction & installation can help you with achieving this.

How we work

We at Otto firm help retail clients establish their brands in the real world in a way that results in unforgettable experiences for their customers. In a world that is changing fast, branded spaces are becoming very important for the client’s image. It also impacts their relationship with consumers. Consumers are known to change habits often and your brand can’t afford to miss out. Our retail division specializes in retail architecture services.

Our focus is mainly on productivity and accessibility during design and construction. We design with two groups in mind – the client and the staff. These two groups use the same space, but for different purposes. We assess their attitudes, preferences and needs and work on the same.

When it comes to brands selling a certain type of product, the image of the brand can help the buyers with making the decision. In a visual culture, visual merchandising and retail branding are gaining more and more importance. It is because it is important to increase a brand’s exposure to customers. This is more often wrongly getting limiting to showcase and shop window designing, forgetting about everything happening inside the store.

Why us

One of the goals of our clients is to keep the buyers inside their spaces for as long as possible. This is where retail architecture design comes in. Otto firm can help you bring customers in Melbourne, Toorak and South Yarra and keep them inside your shop for a long time. Contact us today for all your retail architecture needs.

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