Office fit out

We specialize in commercial office fit outs. Our team delivers large-scale office fit out projects. Many office fit out companies fail to catch the depths of the designs, but we don’t. Our holistic approach gives you better control over your project, saving you money and time. You also get to work with one of the most creative fit out companies.

Office fit-outs often start from a place that is completely empty. It falls upon us to turn it into a working space, complete with all the elements required. There are many fit out categories and we understand each one of them.

Fit out is often used to describe the process of making a space suitable for office occupants, including all the mechanical equipment, decorations, furnishings, electrical and other necessary structures. The entire need of structures is dependent on you.

Office fit-outs are divided into two categories: Category A and B

Category A

This category includes items such as washrooms, core walls, carpets and finishes,, suspended ceiling and raised access floors

Category B

This category includes items such as specialist lighting, enhanced floor and wall finishes, bespoke graphics and joinery, and suspended ceiling modifications and internal partitions.

How we work

We develop office fit outs in Melbourne, Toorak and South Yarra. We keep in mind the requirements of the people who will be using it. We turn it into a space that reflects their needs. The work commercial office fit out companies do is different from office refurbishment, which means refurbishing a space that already exists. We start at a new space from scratch and develop it into a working space.

An office fit out that reflects your work culture and business needs is important to ensure that you operate effectively. Having an office space where employees enjoy coming to on a daily basis is imperative. It increases the ability to perform the job well and it also increases productivity. You also use it for meetings with clients, so your business is enhanced.

Making good use of the space that is available, as well as implementing comfortable furnishings and technology adds significant value to your business. This goes for both the office staff and customers.

Why us

There could be many reasons as to why you want a new office space or to move offices altogether. You may want more growth in the business or maybe your workforce requires more space. Whatever the reason may be, we are here for you. As one of the biggest commercial fit out companies, we believe in giving the right office fit to people, both externally and internally.

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